Sunday, August 28, 2011

Evening Wear

Sometimes I wear the same outfit to church for the evening service, but tonight I wore something different.

I just bought the oh so cute Top and pretty Blazer guessed it...the Thrift Shop!  I had picked up the top due to the insanely cute animals printed all over it, especially the mice...eek, they're so cute!  I happened to try on the Blazer over the Top out of convenience and was hit by how much I loved the two together!  At the time I was wearing blue shorts and sandals and would happily wear that almost anywhere, but I just don't feel comfortable wearing shorts to church.  Others have done it and done it well, but "Daddy wouldn't allow it" growin' up and those things kind of stick.  A Denim skirt made a great alternative and Zebra wedges replaced my casual sandals.  By the way, yes...that is a cookie in my hand!  I was feeling peckish as I ran out the door. :o)


We must have Back to School on our minds

We live 4 miles apart and attend separate churches...yet must be thinking alike.  All the Back to School fuss has gone to our heads making both of us choose Pencil Skirts for our outfits.

First up, The Girl with the Colorful Hair...

A little highlight on my outfit.  Shoes and Lacy Top are my latest Thrift Store finds.  Pencil Skirt is a favorite "go to".  Borrowed the under shirt from my mom.  As you will learn my jewelry has certain pieces that never change.  Anklet is a recent piece I made from favorite "old broken things".

Thanks to my brother for playing Photographer (he had to stop watching golf for a couple minutes!)

Now we see what JJ wore...

I have to say that I'm usually not so BLONDE.  No, I didn't hang out at the Beach all Summer...I decided to make a change from my usual Fire Engine Red and this was the result.  It needs some tweaking by my personal Beautician (My sister...and yes, she IS a professional).
I am a walking add for the Thrift Shop in this outfit.  Top, Skirt, and Shoes all AWESOME Thrift Store finds.  Purse and Jewelry are all gifts from My Husband.  Scarf tied to purse is vintage (found at a little old lady's garage sale, oh yeah!)  The zipper and buttons details on this outfit just made my day.

Proud Mamma that I am, I have to tell you the first photo of me was taken by my 5 year old son.  Daddy helped out with the others.