Monday, September 26, 2011

I found a way to wear yellow

Well another wonderful Sunday down and many more to go :) ! I thought it was funny that Janna and I matched in color.  I have always wanted to wear yellow, but I look not so great in it lol so I was so happy when i found this dress (at a resale shop ) along with the little jacket . The heart necklace I stole from my neice (she takes my stuff all the time its my turn now lol and I know we should not steal things) the shoes I bought at DSW .

The Girl with the Colorful Hair

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Looks like Fall, feels like Summer

Just like our Texas weather if you ask me.  I couldn't have found a more season appropriate dress if I had tried. :o)

I picked this dress up last week at a Thrift Shop.  It was HUGE, but the neckline and arms fit perfectly.  It is an authentic 1960s, Made in Hawaii, Muu Muu!  So Groovy, I just had to have it!  I shortened it, added POCKETS (I love dresses with pockets), threw a belt around it and called it perfect!  I made my Necklace and ChaCha Ring using Glass Beads and freshwater pearls on the back part of the necklace.  My earrings were one of my Christmas presents from my Hubby.  He asked the Jeweler for the BIGGEST gold hoops they had, they showed him some shrimpy ones the size of a quarter and he said, "She wants 'em Bigger!"  The girl proceeded to dig these glorious beauties out of a drawer.  I screamed out loud when I opened them up...


PS:  I wore the same outfit to church again tonight.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Princess JJ

Sure, I can dress like a Princess to go to church, I am a Daughter of the King after all.  Ruffles, a Train, Satin, Bejeweled Tigers, Chandeliers...I've got it all covered!  On the practical side, this dress is made of cotton jersey and feels like wearing your most comfortable t-shirt.  Also, with all that length, no one knew I was wearing casual comfy sandals underneath. :o)  This dress started out plain, but I "attacked" it with my sewing machine and yards and yards of ruffles!  This is one of my favorite things I've made for myself.  Surprisingly, my jewelry didn't come from my Husband today, the butterfly ring was a Christmas present from my little brother and the bracelet was from my sister (Ms. Colorful).  I picked up the earrings at a Thrift Shop in Tennessee.


Mother's [Birth]Day

We joined our Mom for lunch after church to celebrate her BIRTHDAY!  I just love Birthdays.

I present to you, Birthday Girl Extraordinaire...Mother of JJ and The Girl with the Colorful Hair.

She's one Classy Lady!

I'll be back in a bit to show you The Girl with the Colorful Hair and My outfits.

......I'm back (thanks for waiting).

Here's The Girl with the Colorful Hair

Ms. Colorful is wearing a Brown Suede dress-that she can't stand to touch due to her aversion to the texture!  Ah, the sacrifices we make for the things we love.  The Heels and Blazer are "new" from a Thrift Shop.  We both wore Cameo rings today...great minds...!!!   Her hosiery matches the pink in her hair. :o)  Didn't she do a lovely job on her eyeshadow?  She always does.  I was supposed to get a picture of her Pink Flamingo clip (made from a vintage clip-on earring) AND the new wire wrapped butterfly wing earring she made...but the earring turned when I snapped the picture!  SORRY!

And last (but not least)...

I was feeling 1930s Old Hollywood today.  Bias cut silk dress and dramatic beads.  Clinking bracelets and a Cameo ring.  Vintage silk scarf.  Ah, Glamor!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to Train Your go to church.

I bought my "How to Train Your Dragon" shirt in the boys section at good ol' Walmart, then modified it by changing the shape of the neck and sleeves and adding ruffles.  My ring was bought from an artist at an Antiques Flea Market, it is a huge chunk of coral and free form silver.  My earrings were made for me by a dear friend for my Birthday...she knows how much I LOVE Butterflies!  The leather braided bracelets were bought on that trip to Colorado I mentioned before.  The band in the middle is my watch (I almost ALWAYS wear my watches upside-down).  The scarf tied on my purse is vintage.  It has horses "running" on it which made me think of a Knight riding on his Horse charging after a Dragon (a little peek into how my mind works, haha).  My Zebra stripe wedges came from Dillards on super CLEARANCE!  Most of my really nice shoes come from Dillards clearance rack. And last but not least, my skirt is my own design, sewn with my own two little hands. :o)  I forgot to get a picture of the back, it has three vintage buttons in a "V" shape and an exposed zipper.  I will try to add a picture of that later.


Red, White, and Blue (nail polish)

I wanted to wear Red, White, and Blue in remembrance of 9-11.  It is amazing how just that little decision caused me to think so often of our Lost Loved Ones, our Country, and our Soldiers now serving to protect us.  I had no idea the simple act of wearing ones Country's colors could stir up such feelings, memories, and pride.  I tend to go all out Red, White, and Blue on 4th of July, but this was different.  I wanted it to be about pride and respect, not "Look at me, I'm an American."  I tried on several outfits before settling on this one.  I've had the red dress for a couple of years, it was bought second hand (and on sale).  The bolero jacket and shoes came from TJMaxx, I buy a lot of my things there.  My favorite places to shop are JoAnn's Fabrics, TJMaxx, and Thrift you know...I'm a Cheap Czech!  BUT, cheap prices do not mean cheap clothing!  I refuse to wear "cheap" shoes and clothes, so I buy nice ones on SALE!  My clutch, ring, and earrings were presents from my Hubby.  The bangles are: white=vintage (from Thrift Shop), yellow=jade (bought at a festival), red=wood (from an Oriental is carved all around).  I am please to show off my new hairstyle worn straight, last Sunday I wore curls and the shape of the cut was not too apparent.  Yes, the left side is longer than the right, I had to assure some of the guys on the Praise Team at church that it IS supposed to be that way. :o)  The girls, of course, needed no explanations.


PS:  My sister is off on an Adventure (AKA: A Hair Show in the City!), and was, therefore, a "Back Slider" this morning. :o)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

High Winds and High Fashion (not so good together)

We woke to a beautiful windy hinting at fall day.  I managed to dress quickly enough to leave time for a photo shoot before we left for church.  I'm glad I in the country we are surrounded by trees and they created a wind block for me.  As soon as I stepped out of the car at church, I was thanking myself for anchoring my hat down with pins!

Everyone at church echoed the sentiment that I should've been a gal of the 40s or 50s.  I took that as a great compliment.  I always laugh when I hear women say they wish they could wear hats too...I always want to ask, "Who's stopping you?"  Or say, "Well then, wear one!" :o)  I bought my hat this summer at a little antique shop and only just now wore it.  I was feeling special due to my Birthday and thought, "Now's the time to wear that hat!"  My jewelry is all from my Hubby except for the blue beads that my dear friend brought back for me from Israel.  My gorgeous new purse is my Birthday present from my Hubby.  I bought my dress and shoes while on a driving trip to Colorado for another dear friend's Wedding.  I always think of her when I wear the shoes, because I danced at her Wedding in them. :o)  By the way...Orange is my favorite color!

PS:  I am quite pleased with my new haircut and color.  The bangs are a lighter brown than my natural color giving me a more subtle two tone effect.

 My sister didn't get a chance to take pictures before church...doesn't she look like a model with the wind in her hair...haha.  I snapped her picture in town after we went out to eat.

We went in the book store and she thought we could get a less windblown picture in there...she was right. :o)

 Her dress and lace undershirt are a result of following our mom into a store.  We were done shopping, but mom wanted to stop one more place.  We both ended up buying dresses and the same lace top (the dresses are very different)  I know her dress was on clearance, I think for $11!  Don't you just love the ruffles?  Her fantastic shoes came from a consignment shop and were also a steal...designer shoes for $!

I hope I didn't say anything my sister didn't want me to say or leave anything out, but since her pictures are on my camera I had to do her post for her so she can't complain. :o)