Sunday, September 11, 2011

Red, White, and Blue (nail polish)

I wanted to wear Red, White, and Blue in remembrance of 9-11.  It is amazing how just that little decision caused me to think so often of our Lost Loved Ones, our Country, and our Soldiers now serving to protect us.  I had no idea the simple act of wearing ones Country's colors could stir up such feelings, memories, and pride.  I tend to go all out Red, White, and Blue on 4th of July, but this was different.  I wanted it to be about pride and respect, not "Look at me, I'm an American."  I tried on several outfits before settling on this one.  I've had the red dress for a couple of years, it was bought second hand (and on sale).  The bolero jacket and shoes came from TJMaxx, I buy a lot of my things there.  My favorite places to shop are JoAnn's Fabrics, TJMaxx, and Thrift you know...I'm a Cheap Czech!  BUT, cheap prices do not mean cheap clothing!  I refuse to wear "cheap" shoes and clothes, so I buy nice ones on SALE!  My clutch, ring, and earrings were presents from my Hubby.  The bangles are: white=vintage (from Thrift Shop), yellow=jade (bought at a festival), red=wood (from an Oriental is carved all around).  I am please to show off my new hairstyle worn straight, last Sunday I wore curls and the shape of the cut was not too apparent.  Yes, the left side is longer than the right, I had to assure some of the guys on the Praise Team at church that it IS supposed to be that way. :o)  The girls, of course, needed no explanations.


PS:  My sister is off on an Adventure (AKA: A Hair Show in the City!), and was, therefore, a "Back Slider" this morning. :o)

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