Monday, November 28, 2011


Dress: Ross
Cashmere Sweater: Thrifted
Brown Velvet Jacket: Ross
Red Beads: Great Grandmother's
Flower Bolo Tie/Necklace: Found in an Old House
Black Patent Leather Pumps: DSW

Hubby asked if we needed to reshoot any of the pictures.  I said, "It's too cold, whatever you got will have to be good!"  FYI, our church is on a hill with no trees to break the's a miracle I made it inside without flashing everybody!  Thankfully, we have trees around our house, so we could get our pictures taken without any Marilyn Monroe Moments.

I bought my Sweater in late Spring when it was already getting a bit hot.  I felt a little silly buying a cold weather item at that time, but I just couldn't pass it up due to that one dark red diamond!  It's the quirky things that get me.  Hey, when you find the right thing at the right price who cares if the timing is a bit off.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Too Formal? NEVER!

Dress: BCBG via Dillard's on sale
Designer Vest: Thrift Shop
Beads: DIY
Ring: Gift from Brother

When I came across this dress at Dillard's, I fell in love!  The print, the colors, the floor length...but I thought where will I wear this?  I didn't want to only pull it out once or twice a year!  So I said, why not wear it to church?  I can get away with wearing a jacket or vest with it...and so I did.  I have worn it mostly with a denim jacket, but was too hot for that so I got out the vest and ended up loving the look.  I have been using a new plum colored eyeliner lately in combination with greys or browns.  I went with smokey grey and rose eyeshadows with it and it looked quite nice if I do say so myself.  I am wearing shoes under there, but I admit I did slip them off at church on stage and no one noticed. :o)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Seeing Red

Last week we stained the siding this wonderful orange-y red, so I couldn't resist posing in front of it in my red ensemble.

Dress: TJMaxx
Red Beads: Great Grandmother's
Gold Beads: Thrift Shop
Gold Hoops and Ruby Ring: Gifts from Hubby
Red Heels: Anne Klein from Marshall's
Cat: Nelson

I finally got my hair curled for church and would you believe it was sooooooooo windy!!!  I think windblown curly hair looks better than windblown straight hair, so I can't complain too much. :o)  Nelson was only a part of my look at home, he did not attend church service!  I was waiting on my photographer (Hubby) and Nelson thought I needed company.  I didn't have the heart to make him get down.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Better Late than Never...

Here's last Sunday's outfit.  I finally found the time to post...what a week!

Feather Hair Clip: DIY
Earrings: Dallas Market
Top Dress: Vintage
Under Dress: Ross
Shoes: Vintage
Cameo Ring: New Orleans French Quarter
Beaded Bracelets: DIY
Acorn Necklace: Swiped from Mom

A couple of the blogs I like list the components of their outfits as above.  I find it nice if I just want to know where one piece came from without reading an entire post when I don't have much time to waste spare.

I fully intended to curl my hair (it would've complimented the dress so much better!), but time was against me.  I woke at 5am to go....hunting (with my dad)!  By the time he got me back home to get dressed, I had less than 30 minutes to make it happen.  Our church starts at an earlier time than his!  I wish I would've gotten a shot of the back (I keep forgetting that!) as the under dress trails down in the back giving me a train-like effect that looks so pretty with the double layers of the vintage dress on top.  The vintage dress also has a cape-like collar in the back, I really really should have taken that photo!


PS: It was Ms. Colorful's Birthday and I know she took photos, but I went on strike and said she has to do her own posts as was the plan when we started this blog.  So I guess I'm the bad guy for her outfits, as of yet, being unshared!