Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not sick enough to stay home

This is how you look when you get to go to church with a head cold!  Standing in the shadows didn't help much either. :o)

I got to wear my new wool sweater this morning, it has DUCKS!  A little boy at church thought I had an airplane on my shoulder, I smiled and said, "No, it's a Duck."  He seemed to like it all the more for that. :o)  Thankfully Mrs. Colorful cut my hair this week, so it played nice all on its own with no fuss from me.  I'm lucky most of my makeup stayed on, no sooner did I finish putting it on I had to blow my nose and wiped half of it off!  I really should've worn lipstick, but the lips were nice and chapped so lip balm got first choice.

I'm off to take some Benadryl!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm late, I'm late...

Not only is this post late, but I was also running late yesterday morning!  I wanted to put a little more into my outfit and curl my hair, but there just wasn't time.  Pretty earrings and nice lipstick saved the day, they fooled everyone into thinking I looked put together instead of focusing on my unstyled hair. :o)

I picked out my dress the night before (as usual), so went ahead and painted my toes then.  Otherwise, I would've had nice chipped polish since there wasn't any extra time when getting dressed, oh the benefits of a little planning ahead.  I asked the Hubby to grab my scarf on the way out the door, this time of year it tends to be cool INSIDE the church.  My new Calla Lily ring arrived this week, I commissioned it last month to be made with a dark green stone I bought in the Czech Republic.  I love it, it is HUGE, the Hubby thinks it looks like a trumpet. :o)


PS: Ms. Colorful has her pictures from the last two Sundays on her phone...hopefully I can get them from her today (don't hold your breath).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loud then Toned Down

One of the men at church covered his ears when I walked in, letting me know he thought my outfit a bit loud.  His wife said he was just too drab. :o)  He was smiling and laughing, so I knew not to take it personally.

This was the Easter dress I made a couple years ago.  It was so much fun making exactly what I wanted!  My favorite part is the ruffle collar!  After that would be that it has POCKETS!  Oh how I love my dresses with pockets.  The hat came from an antique shop and is in such good condition!  Too much of the time vintage hats will have torn netting, but this one is perfect!  The complete sapphire set came from My Hubby. He gave me the ring and necklace on our 1st Anniversary, then added the earrings and bracelet later.

For evening Service, I was almost void of color!  Well, not really. :o)  I have a short peach under dress beneath the beaded black one.  I went with metallic accessories to keep it toned down.  The bracelet thingy is a metal bendy cord that can be twisted bent and wrapped as a necklace, bracelet, or whatever.  My Shellac nail polish made it one week and half a day!  I chipped off a couple nails on the way home from church this morning...they were loose and BUGGING me!  The remaining nails still look great, so if I can learn to leave them alone I think I could make it last two weeks like it's supposed to!


PS: The goofy grin is due to Hubby making me laugh!  He also took a picture of me rubbing my eye, but I didn't keep that one. :o)

A little late...

So last weekend we went to the City to see Guys and Dolls.  It was a lovely night out in spite of getting home at the wee hours (2am), then being a bit groggy for church!  Ms. Colorful had these pictures on her camera, hence the delay in posting.

 We did NOT plan to match!  I was supposed to wear a brown dress, but it barely zipped across my *ahem* chest anymore!  I was gasping for air, when My Hubby asked if I thought I could make it 3 hours without fainting...I changed.  Now I know why women used to faint all the time due to their corsets!

Now even though it was extremely late when we got in that night, AND it was raining Sunday morning (it's so hard to get out of bed when it's raining).  We both managed to make it to church (you saw my rainy post).  There was some concern that Ms. Colorful had skipped, but here's proof she indeed did not. :o)

I'm pretty sure I used to own a skirt just like this, but I think mom turned mine into a pillow when I decided not to keep it anymore. :o)  I talked Ms. Colorful into buying the bracelet so she could copy it and make one for me with her mad jewelry making skills!  Hmm...I need to remind her of that (it'd be a great Christmas Gift, hint hint).  Ha, I just realized that I'm the reason she bought those shoes too!  I am such a great sister to have around.  The shoes were at a Thrift Shop for only $8, but they were a 1/2 size too big for me!  I still kinda regret not getting them anyways and just popping in a shoe insert to make 'em fit!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Everyone who knows me, knows I love Butterflies!  So, when I saw this SILK BUTTERFLY Jacket (at a thrift shop no less) I snapped it up in a hurry.  I love silk and cotton, and this jacket is lined in cotton, not some yucky synthetic junk that makes me feel like my skin is suffocating!  I adore natural fibers, I barely tolerate the rest.  The only thing I don't like about my silky gold blouse is that it's a synthetic material.  I'm wearing my "mom jeans", the waist goes right below my belly button for a nice silhouette (no muffin top on this lady, thank you).  It just happens the jeans are Calvin Klein, fit great (I took them in when I lost a few pounds), and came from a Thrift Shop for $8!!!  My Red Snakeskin Belt came from a Charity Thrift Shop at a church.  Red Leather Heels are Anne Klein from Marshalls.  And best for last, my Butterfly Wing Necklace.  It is an actual butterfly wing encased in glass, it is equally stunning on the reverse side.  I bought it on that trip to Colorado for my Friend's Wedding as mentioned before.


PS:  I almost forgot to tell you about my nails.  I'm trying out Shellac!  It's supposed to stay on at least 2 weeks if not more.  So, hopefully, you'll be seeing red nails again next week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

So of course I had to wear my Umbrella Blouse!

I found my blouse at Goodwill, it was a dowdy old lady shirt.  But it had UMBRELLAS, I knew I could make it look cute.  After chopping off the sleeves, and adding a little ruffle in their place, I called it good.  My actual Umbrella was given to me for Christmas from my Mom (it came from an Antique Shop).  I bought my Hat and Bracelet at an Antiques Flea Market a couple weeks ago.  Hubby said I looked like a Gnome in my hat...which made me extremely happy, as I love Gnomes!  The Red Beads were my Great Grandmother's.  I'm also wearing a Gold Filigree Drop necklace and earrings set from my Hubby.  The dangley drops on all my jewelry went well with the umbrellas and rainy weather, I thought.  I bought my Quilted Black Leather clutch at Dillards one year with Birthday money.  Shoes are Black Patent Leather.  I had my HUGE Black Leather Belt made locally after wearing out a cheap fake one from the Mall.


PS: Sorry I couldn't post earlier...the weather was messing with my Internet Connection!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 for 1

Since I didn't get a chance to post this morning's outfit earlier today, I will post both morning and evening outfits together.


I bought this dress for (drum roll please...) $6, and it has POCKETS!  At first I thought, well even if it is stinkin' cheap, where am I gonna wear it?  Then my sister found the lace top (you saw her wear her's on my birthday), so I said go get me one off the rack too!  $5 later and I had the solution for making it work for church!  Earrings and Butterfly ring are from Hubby, necklaces were picked up here and there (I swiped the acorn one from my mom, and the other two were found at thrift shops).  It was chilly out this morning (and a bit frigid in the church too), so I threw on some grey tights which also helped make the shorter length of dress more church appropriate.  My feet were a bit tired after standing on stage in those heels, but they'd get better if I wore them more and got the leather to mold and stretch to my wide-ish feet.  I keep forgetting to put a penny in them!  I remember doing that with my penny loafers as a kid.  I straightened my hair out this morning, it was kinda weird after wearing it curled and/or teased so much here lately.  I think I ended up liking it. :o)

PS. My little boy took the first picture, he said he couldn't get my head and shoes all in the shot so I had to lean over like that. :o)


This dress was on sale at TJMaxx for (another drum roll needed...) $7!  A man at church is always asking if we're rich, with me wearing new dresses all the time, I just tell him I know how to SHOP!  I swapped my necklaces from this morning for the Diamond Butterfly necklace my Hubby gave me on my 18th Birthday.  I kept the grey tights, but swapped shoes for a more comfy pair of Zebra wedges...I wear these babies a LOT!

Buenos Noches!