Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not sick enough to stay home

This is how you look when you get to go to church with a head cold!  Standing in the shadows didn't help much either. :o)

I got to wear my new wool sweater this morning, it has DUCKS!  A little boy at church thought I had an airplane on my shoulder, I smiled and said, "No, it's a Duck."  He seemed to like it all the more for that. :o)  Thankfully Mrs. Colorful cut my hair this week, so it played nice all on its own with no fuss from me.  I'm lucky most of my makeup stayed on, no sooner did I finish putting it on I had to blow my nose and wiped half of it off!  I really should've worn lipstick, but the lips were nice and chapped so lip balm got first choice.

I'm off to take some Benadryl!

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