Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loud then Toned Down

One of the men at church covered his ears when I walked in, letting me know he thought my outfit a bit loud.  His wife said he was just too drab. :o)  He was smiling and laughing, so I knew not to take it personally.

This was the Easter dress I made a couple years ago.  It was so much fun making exactly what I wanted!  My favorite part is the ruffle collar!  After that would be that it has POCKETS!  Oh how I love my dresses with pockets.  The hat came from an antique shop and is in such good condition!  Too much of the time vintage hats will have torn netting, but this one is perfect!  The complete sapphire set came from My Hubby. He gave me the ring and necklace on our 1st Anniversary, then added the earrings and bracelet later.

For evening Service, I was almost void of color!  Well, not really. :o)  I have a short peach under dress beneath the beaded black one.  I went with metallic accessories to keep it toned down.  The bracelet thingy is a metal bendy cord that can be twisted bent and wrapped as a necklace, bracelet, or whatever.  My Shellac nail polish made it one week and half a day!  I chipped off a couple nails on the way home from church this morning...they were loose and BUGGING me!  The remaining nails still look great, so if I can learn to leave them alone I think I could make it last two weeks like it's supposed to!


PS: The goofy grin is due to Hubby making me laugh!  He also took a picture of me rubbing my eye, but I didn't keep that one. :o)

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