Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 for 1

Since I didn't get a chance to post this morning's outfit earlier today, I will post both morning and evening outfits together.


I bought this dress for (drum roll please...) $6, and it has POCKETS!  At first I thought, well even if it is stinkin' cheap, where am I gonna wear it?  Then my sister found the lace top (you saw her wear her's on my birthday), so I said go get me one off the rack too!  $5 later and I had the solution for making it work for church!  Earrings and Butterfly ring are from Hubby, necklaces were picked up here and there (I swiped the acorn one from my mom, and the other two were found at thrift shops).  It was chilly out this morning (and a bit frigid in the church too), so I threw on some grey tights which also helped make the shorter length of dress more church appropriate.  My feet were a bit tired after standing on stage in those heels, but they'd get better if I wore them more and got the leather to mold and stretch to my wide-ish feet.  I keep forgetting to put a penny in them!  I remember doing that with my penny loafers as a kid.  I straightened my hair out this morning, it was kinda weird after wearing it curled and/or teased so much here lately.  I think I ended up liking it. :o)

PS. My little boy took the first picture, he said he couldn't get my head and shoes all in the shot so I had to lean over like that. :o)


This dress was on sale at TJMaxx for (another drum roll needed...) $7!  A man at church is always asking if we're rich, with me wearing new dresses all the time, I just tell him I know how to SHOP!  I swapped my necklaces from this morning for the Diamond Butterfly necklace my Hubby gave me on my 18th Birthday.  I kept the grey tights, but swapped shoes for a more comfy pair of Zebra wedges...I wear these babies a LOT!

Buenos Noches!

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