Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm late, I'm late...

Not only is this post late, but I was also running late yesterday morning!  I wanted to put a little more into my outfit and curl my hair, but there just wasn't time.  Pretty earrings and nice lipstick saved the day, they fooled everyone into thinking I looked put together instead of focusing on my unstyled hair. :o)

I picked out my dress the night before (as usual), so went ahead and painted my toes then.  Otherwise, I would've had nice chipped polish since there wasn't any extra time when getting dressed, oh the benefits of a little planning ahead.  I asked the Hubby to grab my scarf on the way out the door, this time of year it tends to be cool INSIDE the church.  My new Calla Lily ring arrived this week, I commissioned it last month to be made with a dark green stone I bought in the Czech Republic.  I love it, it is HUGE, the Hubby thinks it looks like a trumpet. :o)


PS: Ms. Colorful has her pictures from the last two Sundays on her phone...hopefully I can get them from her today (don't hold your breath).

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