Monday, November 28, 2011


Dress: Ross
Cashmere Sweater: Thrifted
Brown Velvet Jacket: Ross
Red Beads: Great Grandmother's
Flower Bolo Tie/Necklace: Found in an Old House
Black Patent Leather Pumps: DSW

Hubby asked if we needed to reshoot any of the pictures.  I said, "It's too cold, whatever you got will have to be good!"  FYI, our church is on a hill with no trees to break the's a miracle I made it inside without flashing everybody!  Thankfully, we have trees around our house, so we could get our pictures taken without any Marilyn Monroe Moments.

I bought my Sweater in late Spring when it was already getting a bit hot.  I felt a little silly buying a cold weather item at that time, but I just couldn't pass it up due to that one dark red diamond!  It's the quirky things that get me.  Hey, when you find the right thing at the right price who cares if the timing is a bit off.


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