Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mother's [Birth]Day

We joined our Mom for lunch after church to celebrate her BIRTHDAY!  I just love Birthdays.

I present to you, Birthday Girl Extraordinaire...Mother of JJ and The Girl with the Colorful Hair.

She's one Classy Lady!

I'll be back in a bit to show you The Girl with the Colorful Hair and My outfits.

......I'm back (thanks for waiting).

Here's The Girl with the Colorful Hair

Ms. Colorful is wearing a Brown Suede dress-that she can't stand to touch due to her aversion to the texture!  Ah, the sacrifices we make for the things we love.  The Heels and Blazer are "new" from a Thrift Shop.  We both wore Cameo rings today...great minds...!!!   Her hosiery matches the pink in her hair. :o)  Didn't she do a lovely job on her eyeshadow?  She always does.  I was supposed to get a picture of her Pink Flamingo clip (made from a vintage clip-on earring) AND the new wire wrapped butterfly wing earring she made...but the earring turned when I snapped the picture!  SORRY!

And last (but not least)...

I was feeling 1930s Old Hollywood today.  Bias cut silk dress and dramatic beads.  Clinking bracelets and a Cameo ring.  Vintage silk scarf.  Ah, Glamor!

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