Sunday, September 4, 2011

High Winds and High Fashion (not so good together)

We woke to a beautiful windy hinting at fall day.  I managed to dress quickly enough to leave time for a photo shoot before we left for church.  I'm glad I in the country we are surrounded by trees and they created a wind block for me.  As soon as I stepped out of the car at church, I was thanking myself for anchoring my hat down with pins!

Everyone at church echoed the sentiment that I should've been a gal of the 40s or 50s.  I took that as a great compliment.  I always laugh when I hear women say they wish they could wear hats too...I always want to ask, "Who's stopping you?"  Or say, "Well then, wear one!" :o)  I bought my hat this summer at a little antique shop and only just now wore it.  I was feeling special due to my Birthday and thought, "Now's the time to wear that hat!"  My jewelry is all from my Hubby except for the blue beads that my dear friend brought back for me from Israel.  My gorgeous new purse is my Birthday present from my Hubby.  I bought my dress and shoes while on a driving trip to Colorado for another dear friend's Wedding.  I always think of her when I wear the shoes, because I danced at her Wedding in them. :o)  By the way...Orange is my favorite color!

PS:  I am quite pleased with my new haircut and color.  The bangs are a lighter brown than my natural color giving me a more subtle two tone effect.

 My sister didn't get a chance to take pictures before church...doesn't she look like a model with the wind in her hair...haha.  I snapped her picture in town after we went out to eat.

We went in the book store and she thought we could get a less windblown picture in there...she was right. :o)

 Her dress and lace undershirt are a result of following our mom into a store.  We were done shopping, but mom wanted to stop one more place.  We both ended up buying dresses and the same lace top (the dresses are very different)  I know her dress was on clearance, I think for $11!  Don't you just love the ruffles?  Her fantastic shoes came from a consignment shop and were also a steal...designer shoes for $!

I hope I didn't say anything my sister didn't want me to say or leave anything out, but since her pictures are on my camera I had to do her post for her so she can't complain. :o)

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