Sunday, September 18, 2011

Princess JJ

Sure, I can dress like a Princess to go to church, I am a Daughter of the King after all.  Ruffles, a Train, Satin, Bejeweled Tigers, Chandeliers...I've got it all covered!  On the practical side, this dress is made of cotton jersey and feels like wearing your most comfortable t-shirt.  Also, with all that length, no one knew I was wearing casual comfy sandals underneath. :o)  This dress started out plain, but I "attacked" it with my sewing machine and yards and yards of ruffles!  This is one of my favorite things I've made for myself.  Surprisingly, my jewelry didn't come from my Husband today, the butterfly ring was a Christmas present from my little brother and the bracelet was from my sister (Ms. Colorful).  I picked up the earrings at a Thrift Shop in Tennessee.


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